Uniting talent
Working at Pinely means using your talent and creativity in the way you see fit. But, our secret to success lies in having individuals excel in and as part of a team. In other words, at Pinely we want you to be yourself, give you the space to be yourself but also expect you to be a part of the team and improve the team. In return; we, the team, will help you to become a better version of yourself. We do this by challenging each other, both at work and at play.
Our approach to this starts with providing freedom to our talent. It simply makes sense; it's useless to hire Picasso just to have him paint by numbers. So, we give you the freedom to be 'you' without losing the individual traits that make you special. Simultaneously, we'll coach you how to be part of a team of talent, as your skills alone are never enough to be truly successful. In short, you will develop. Not just as a work task but also as a person.
If our ideas and work culture resonate with you and you are looking for a successful career in trading, check out what we can offer.

We would love to hear from you!

Job Openings at pinely
C++ Developer
(Trading systems)
Amsterdam, fulltime
Software development
Quantitative Researcher
Quant research
Amsterdam, fulltime
Quant research
Senior Quantitative Researcher
Amsterdam, fulltime
Network Engineering
Cyprus, fulltime
Research / Machine Learning
Amsterdam, fulltime
Research / DeFi
Amsterdam, fulltime
Not finding what you're looking for?
Not finding what you're looking for?
Prepare for the interview, which will involve solving some tasks. Ask our HRs to recommend you the best type of tasks to practice.
Interview Preparation
Binge study
Make sure you can talk about your solutions; we will likely ask you to explain them. Engineering is all about trade-offs, so be prepared to discuss them.
Share Your Reasoning
Ask yourself important questions such as “What motivates you?“, “What do you like to do the most?“, “What do you do the best.” We do want to get to know you.
Key matters
Be prepared
Have some rest and sleep well before the interview. The better you feel, the better your result will be. Also, make sure that the time of the interview suits you as you should be calm and destressed to win it.