About us

Pinely is a privately owned & funded algorithmic trading firm, based in Singapore, The Netherlands and Cyprus, and growing by leaps and bounds. We focus on high frequency and ultra low latency trading.

Our core team is a bunch of geniuses who are winners, awardees and medalists of various competitions in their respective fields such as IMC, ICPC, HITB PRO CTF and Google HashCode to name a few.

We are a team of mathematicians, programmers, engineers and computer scientists, driven by an immense passion for knowledge. We work in synergy to create a leading-edge & a robust technology with the sole aim of exceling and establishing ourselves amongst the top trading companies from around the globe.

At pinely we have a flat organizational structure with a collegial environment and an idea-driven culture to stay ahead of the curve.


We seek bright minds capable of breaking molds and thinking out of the box.

Pinely believes in giving freedom to express your talents & creativity the way you deem most suitable. If our ideas and working culture resonate with you and you are looking for a successful career in trading, do check out what we can have to offer. We would love to hear from you!