Uniting talents
Pinely believes in giving freedom to express your talents & creativity the way you deem most suitable. If our ideas and working culture resonate with you and you are looking for a successful career in trading, do check out what we can have to offer. We would love to hear from you!
People here are free and autonomous to set themselves tasks and goals, make decisions and deal with problems in their projects. Everyone's achievements and contributions are not artificially limited by the company.
Our internship application process starts in the middle of March. We will be waiting for your applications!
Internship positions
Quantitative Researcher (Intern)
Quant research
Amsterdam, fulltime
C++ Developer (Intern)
Software development
Amsterdam, fulltime
ML Researcher (Intern)
Amsterdam, fulltime
ML Research
Not finding what you're looking for?
Not finding what you're looking for?
Real work
Being an intern is all about learning. But learning is best done by doing. That's why being an intern at Pinely is a deep dive into actually working at Pinely, guided by seasoned industry professionals.

A better understanding
Our internships will allow you to dive deeply into the algorithmic trading culture and understand if this fits you. After that, you leave knowing more than you came with, or stay and start your very first job at a place where you will be valued as a true professional.

Every task at Pinely is a challenge that you have to undertake. It will remind you of contests and competitions where you should be the very first to gain a reward. The only difference is that during these challenges, you have the full support of a team of like-minded professionals that will always be there for you.

All Pinely internships are about mentoring and teamwork. Your mentor will always be there for you to help and navigate. Not only will this increase your exposure within Pinely, but you will also learn from people working in the industry with an expert-level understanding.
What it is like to be an intern