Open Job positions

If you would like to discuss the open positions or internships, or have any questions, please contact our HR team at:

  • Researcher


      - Strong knowledge of probability theory and mathematical statistics

      - Proficiency in Python and C++

      - Basic knowledge of ML

      - Participation in various mathematics Olympiads and programming competitions

      - Passion about research

    Would be great if you had this:

      - Experience in trading strategies development

  • C++ developer


      - Proficiency in C++ / modern C++ (at least 7/10)

      - Strong expertise in algorithms and data structures

      - Ability to work at fast pace, prioritize, and multi-task in fluid environments

    Would be great if you had this:

      - Experience working with Linux; expertise in Linux architecture

      - Experience in Python 3

      - Relevant experience in any database

      - Understanding of raw TCP, UDP and HTTP protocols

      - Ability to profile and optimize C++ code

      - Ability to read Assembly code (disassembled C++)

      - Expertise in modern CPU architecture

      - Any experience in competitive programming contests or CTF would be a huge advantage (but not necessary)